Urja Naturals A2 Milk

Pure and Farm fresh milk from pure Indian breed Gir Cows. Owing to the a2 beta-casein protein present making the milk and the by-products of high nutritional value. A2 milk and ghee are great for digestion, great for children and the family's overall well being.

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A2 Milk

a2 Milk produces a naturally occurring cows’ milk that does not undergo any technological process or genetic engineering. Instead, the a2 Milk selects cows that naturally only produce the A2 Protein instead of both the A2 and A1 Proteins found in most dairy milk. Independent studies have concluded that those who are sensitive to regular milk may actually be reacting to the A1 Protein in milk instead of the commonly known culprit, lactose. So if you’d like to come back to the pleasure and goodness of real and natural milk, A2 Milk offers you a healthy option available So rediscover your favourite joys of milk!

A2 Ghee

Pure and wholesome milk makes equally good ghee. At Urja Naturals, we believe in sticking to the basics when it comes to health and our processes are no different. Fresh milk is churned to perfection to form pure and delicious ghee, which is free from antibiotics, hormones and vegetable oil. The result is healthy cow ghee with intact nutrition.

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