We employ a unique 'hands-off' approach in our milking process. Our entire milking process is automated with Swiss-made technology and is completely mechanical. We allow least human interference to ensure that the milk is 100% untouched and hygienic. Our cows go through minimum unease while they are being milked. The milk is then sent to a cooler to preserve all the nutrients and the different variants of milk are extracted during this step. We cater to the milk and milk products industry. Our automated Milking Parlour has a capacity of two 30,000 Ltr. Capacity Milk Processing Plant. Thus, milk from both farms viz; ‘HF Cow Farm’ and ‘Gir Cow Farm’ having separate and distinct milking, storing and processing arrangements at farm site only which ensures the uniqueness of our milk from the others.


  • Hygienic & Organic
  • Hormone Free Cow Milk
  • No added preservatives
  • Calcium rich fresh cow milk
  • Pure cow milk with OMEGA-3
  • Zero Waiting Time
  • Added Vitamin and Minerals
  • Unadulterated Cow Milk


  • Effective for Healthy growth & development of Kids
  • Prevents Cholesterol & diabetes
  • Reduces Calcium deficiency
  • Contains proteins & nutrients
  • High A2 Beta Casein Levels
  • Improves Immunity & keeps away from diseases